Jose Paredes

Jose Paredes was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  As part of his culture, Jose grew up dancing merengue and bachata, Dominican Republic's native rhythms, which he embraces dearly.


At the age of 12 Jose migrated to the states with his family and while living in New York City he was recruited to perform a Jazz routine. This experience sparked his interest in different other types of dances, like Hip Hop and Contemporary.


A few years later life took a turn bringing the family to Philadelphia.  After graduating high school in Philadelphia, Jose moved back to Santo Domingo to pursuit a career in tourism. While attending college in DR, Jose learned the cumbia style of salsa.  After finishing with school Jose moved back to Philly were he learned about the other different styles of salsa.


Captivated by the different styles he learned about in Philly, he decided to learn Mambo on 2 salsa with Mambo Dinamico dance company after moving to NC in 2006. He joined the MD dance team and became an instructor not long after that.


Jose started JP Dance team in July 2015, in which he mainly focuses on Dominican Style Bachata and Salsa/Mambo on 2.